UX writing bootcamp coach, Jeanne De Clue
My name is Jeanne (like in a bottle). And I help emerging writers pivot into the UX field with ease by teaching them to build strong portfolios that attract high-value employers, and prepping them for interviews and new roles. I have over 11 years of experience in driving a wide variety of digital and print projects and products. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with retail and CPG businesses, software companies, and online publishers. Using this knowledge, I teach scalable content design solutions for people problems and business challenges. After working with me, clients are equipped with powerful hard and soft skills that are life-changing, landing them their dream roles. My processes are proven. Keeping this human, of course, I must add that outside of work I like to try new recipes, check out contemporary art, take photographs, and day dream by the pool.

Let’s write copy that connects and converts!

What people are saying…

“I worked with Jeanne for over two years during my time at OneSpace. Her professionalism, always-positive demeanor, and dedication to quick resolution of a wide range of issues make her a huge asset to any team. Jeanne is the type of person who always stays with a problem or proj

“Jeanne was a great to have at our first Influencers event in Saint Louis. Her posts were well-written, and Jeanne’s energy was amazing. We cannot wait to have her at our next event!!!”

Jennifer Isaiah 

“Jeanne is one of those people that lifts the spirits of everyone around her simply by entering the room. She is positive, kind, generous, and genuine at all times. As a coworker, she is always willing to help out, even if the task is outside of her ordinary job duties. She volun

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